Village grandpa cooking traditional village food, country foods, and tasty recipes for foodies, children, villagers, and poor people. Village cooking channel entertains you with cooking and sharing foods.

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  1. Baking N Snacking

    Mouth watering dish😍😍.. Really appreciate your hard work and social service.

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    Very nice job

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    Wow good

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    நான் உங்களுக்கு பெரிய ரசிகை

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    Very good job

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    Super sir.. from Nellore

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    Intro 😂🙏 super

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    Sima sima Sa kinawat nga manok

  17. Enoch Joshua - Light of Life Studios

    People around the world doing so much of stupide things. wasting food and making food challenges. But you people are Really a Gem. Cooking with Your own efforts and serving Home less... Bless You from my bottom of my Heart. God Bless You People

  18. suneetha

    love from ap

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    Anna mere ku vi do .. 😘😘😘

  20. Nirmalya Mohanty

    Love 💕😘😘 from Telgu people

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    Full support from American

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    Congrats all members 👏👏👏maanava seve Madhava seva👍

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    100 days non stop bgmi live is doing one guy Mr.Rage Y. T plc support him

  30. If u Good

    100 days non stop bgmi live is doing one guy Mr.Rage Y. T plc support him

  31. If u Good

    100 days non stop bgmi live is doing one guy Mr.Rage Y. T plc support him

  32. If u Good

    100 days non stop bgmi live is doing one guy Mr.Rage Y. T plc support him

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  34. Neethu Elizabeth

    Why they shouting ... Can they talk normally

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    Are bhai hath me chamch le bhai

  36. Amin Sayyad

    Aapne haath dholiya kya

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    Always welcome you😘😘😘😘

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    90s kids ungalukku kalyanam Accha

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    Love from Maharashtra ❤️

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    Ennanga kozhiya adichi kozhike podringa....

  44. Spade

    As of today, there are 96 million views for this fruit salad. This channel is huge hit. I couldn’t post it in tamil, if anyone one of you can translate and explain to them, that would be helpful. Couple of suggestions. Please add a post for tamil fruit salad - panchamritam (I like the one l tried in palani temple). I’m not sure if it’s just jaggery instead of honey or is there more to it. I just love your posts 👍🏼

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    Idi eppo

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    കിടിലം ⭕️⭕️⭕️


    This is not elephant foot its suran 😂


    சூப்பர் சூப்பர்

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    Super Annn👌👌

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    Feeding to poor people is the real taste of humanity like your dish

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    Firozikka fans like adi

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    Great 👍

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    Paati paaduna song vera level🔥🔥🔥

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    The village is awesome

  60. Geeta Pillai

    I saw the children in these young men. Truly beautiful.

  61. Subba Rao Kavuru

    The serene environment, dedicated volunteers committed to do their best in cooking, feeding the weak and needy, made me a total addict to this wonderful channel. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    Very good

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    It's a sin to miss Lemon in fish marination

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    Nothing but blessings coming your way !

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    Chicken looked overcooked but ok

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    im big fan from cambodia

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  70. سعده سعيد عبد الفتاح العبدالله

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  71. سعده سعيد عبد الفتاح العبدالله

    ممكن ترجمه بلعربي لوسمحتوووو

  72. cars lover

    Y is he shouting... N what language is he speaking



  74. يومياتى أنا وحماتى و سلفتى

    اشتراك في القناه حلوه جدا جدا ونفسى



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